With such big amount of mental activity, many calories are burned, so there is nothing supernatural in the appetite that awakens among students.  Due to the number of dining rooms and buffets in KHNURE, it is impossible to remain hungry. 



  1. Baking stand at the entrance

What does the university meet their already hungry students with?  Fresh cakes, rolls and pastries.  You can access it without showing your ID, besides, the price of pastries pleases with its availability.


  1. Dining room, hallway to the left

The menu in all dining rooms of KHNURE is the same.  However, dining rooms upstairs are most visited due to their location.  This is a huge plus: if you want to buy a dish that is no longer available at other dining rooms, then there is still a chance to find it here.


  1. Buffet 1, corridor to the right

 A good option when you need a little snack.  A lot of sweets and a variety of drinks, also there are hot dogs.




  1. Buffet 2, corridor to the right

 One of the places most beloved by students, which constantly pleases visitors with new products.  Just the other day there was an opportunity to buy branded chocolates "Student KNURE".  In addition to sweets, pastries and delicious coffee with syrups you can now even buy clothes with the KNURE logo.



  1. Dining room

 A very sought after place.  At a long break, the line is so long that it goes beyond the dining room into the corridor.  The choice of dishes is perfect for a hearty lunch.




  1. Vending machine with drinks and sweets, expander

 The name speaks for itself, it's a vending machine.


  1. Buffet, near the department of foreign languages

 The menu is similar to buffet on the 1st floor below.  You are able to pay by card there.  A good choice for those who need to print something - there's a printer in the buffet room.


  1. Dining room, at the end of the corridor of the faculty of IRTZI

Many students out of habit call this place "the canteen of the RT" (the previous name of the faculty).  In the smaller room there is at least one outlet, so a suitable option for those who urgently need to not only eat, but also work on a laptop.  Anyway, it's very comfortable here.

 The spacious and bright large hall is ideal for big groups of students.

 There is a washbasin room next to the dining rooms, so be sure to wash your hands before eating.



  1. Dining room

The only option on the floor.  It is usually not very crowded, so there is the opportunity to avoid long lines and eat in peace and quiet.





  1. Dining room number 1

The newest dining room with a wide selection of dishes.  You can't even call it a dining room - it's a full cafe!  It constantly plays nice music.  There are big lines though, so those who came for dessert and tea / coffee should better go to the so-called bar in the same room.  It is possible to pay via credit card.




  1. Shop, near the entrance to the building

 It is popular for its pita bread with filling, khachapuri and quite surprisingly, printing at the most affordable price.





  1. Shop, near the transition to the building "Z"

Coffee / tea, sweets and junk food (e.g. chips).  If there you have no time to go to the dining room, then you can have a meal here.


  1. Coffee point opposite the passage end of the corridor

 There are no tables here, but this does not matter.  In addition to a decent coffee menu, granola is on sale.


 We have come to the end of our gastronomic tour.  Something tells us that in the near future new buffets / coffee houses may appear in KHNURE. There is no such thing as too much tasty food.



 Daria Pryadka