If you are a future IT specialist, then, for aure, you are dreaming of working with IT companies as soon as possible.  In KNURE such opportunity is available for you from the first year.  Want to know which companies you can meet at the university, which IT companies cooperate with KNURE and what, in fact, is this cooperation? 


Nix solutions

One of the largest IT companies not only in Kharkov, but also in Ukraine, which ranks 6th in the dou.ua rating.

The company has been working with our university for a long time and very closely.  Often at the university you can find posters from Nixs with the announcement of the next open lecture, where the company's specialists will talk about the intricacies of all areas of IT.  By the way, one of such lectures in the first year helped not to discourage myself because of my failures in programming. But most importantly, students associate NIX with excellent training courses and the "Job Fair".




Everything is crystal clear with the courses. KNURE is one of the main universities in which Nix tests students who wish to take educational programs.  And then there is the "Job Fair", where NixSolutions, of course, acts as the general partner - this is perhaps the most anticipated event of the fall for many of our students.  This is a real "fishing" place to search for a potential job in an IT company.  So do not miss the announcement, dear students!




Well, of course, how can you forget about the laboratories at our university from Nix?  Last year, the audience opened at the PI department, so it’s probably now more comfortable for students to work on their lab works.



GlobalLogic is another reliable partner among IT companies, ranking 3rd in the dou.ua rating.  The university has been working with this company for more than 6 years.  Last year, KNURE graduates accounted for 30% of all employees of the Kharkiv branch of the company, and every year the numbers are only growing. Moreover, GlobalLogic specialists, graduates of KNURE, very often return to the university, but already as professors.

In the spring semester of 2019, at the Department of Informatics, GlobalLogic organized a training program on machine learning.  Participants of the program received special certificates, which they can now boast on a resume or profile on LinkedIn.

The Embedded Starter Kits provided by GlobalLogic allow our students to practice their microprocessor programming skills using the latest equipment.




And last year, the GLBaseCamp training laboratory was updated.



The undisputed leader among IT companies, ranking 1st in the dou.ua rating, and another partner of KNURE.




The first laboratory of the company was opened in KHNURE in 2011, followed by another 2. And in 2019, the company presented the university with another, already 4 laboratory.  And you think they will stop there?  No way!  The plans are already made for another lab.

The university hosts "Epam days" when company specialists devote all day lectures at our university on the most interesting IT topics.



Actively collaborates with the Department of Informatics and is known at the university for its training laboratory "IT-Guru".

Twice a year, the training laboratory from Infostroy provides training courses for students in various IT areas.  Among them, students gratefully recall the recently completed work of "Developing Web Applications with Microsoft .Net and modern JavaScript frameworks" and "Developing Java Web applications".  Successful completion of the courses allowed participants to obtain certificates, and the opportunity to take a vacant position in the company.  The next course from IT-Guru is planned to be about Java SE7 Fundamentals.





And just imagine, these are only a few companies, of many that are actively collaborating with KNURE!  In the following articles you will learn about

Sigma Software, Soft Serve, TeamDev, Gameloft, DataArt, Miratech, DB Best, AltexSoft, SAS, RWA Automatic, CHI Software and many others.


 Karina Temchur