The student online-magazine «I-NURE» was created with the help of KHNURE telecenter staff as well as the students from student television, and the MST department professor Oleksiy Khoroshevskiy.

The main goals of our magazine are to share our thoughts and ideas with the world, to present our creative results, to help our fellow students find their passions, to help them unlock their creative potential, to give advice on moral questions, and to just spend time doing what we love.

Alexander Suprun — project author, KHNURE telecenter director:

«I-NURE» is an official student magazine and informational source of KHNURE. We want to become the main internet source of the university where our readers will be able to find factual and interesting information about everything happening inside and outside of the university, current events, interviews with students, professors and alumni, new student researches, scientific and academic achievements, sports and arts, dialogues with the university leadership and much more! »

Magazine authors: students and professors, KHNURE and IT staff, and other people that care about the topic and are ready to work with the student media of KHNURE.

The main task of our magazine is the same as the other student media’s — to become the media center of the student life of the university as well as the whole student media space of the city and even of the whole country.

We are inviting you to join our endeavor to develop and set up a new student media project. Our team is ready to listen to your advice on the improvement of our design, and publications’ content and we invite you to take part in filling our magazine with your own content.

Our media center is a unique place where the biggest intellectual and creative forces of our university meet to create something new and beautiful. We are inviting everyone to join us in our team!