Do you dream of competing in sports programming, as professional programmers do in American films and TV shows?  Then we have an opportunity for you!  In this article, we talk about what is Nure Code Jam. 


Want to make a cool projects, but can't do it yourself?  Learn IT disciplines that are not in the university program?  Maybe you want to participate in the Olympics and the Hackathon, win awards and go to competitions?  But what if we tell you that all this can be achieved by a student in KHNURE?

I think that every novice programmer had an idea to make his own video game.  Perhaps you went ahead and downloaded Unity / UE4 to your computer, and started digging in some huge repositories.  And indeed, the vast majority of games are made on these engines.  But why, in fact, so? 

Dear girls, if one day people tell you that IT and technology in general are not for you, do not even think to be offended by this person. In reality it's definitely not like that. We conducted a small survey to find out where the path of the current KNURE students began and what wards would they like to be conveyed to the future generation. 

Does reality begin to seem mundane for you?  Discover virtual worlds or, better yet, learn how to create your own.  Read where and why you should learn VR. 

Do you have a great business idea in your mind?  The deeper you dig, the more you realize that your idea may remain an idea, or burn out in the first stages of development.  To correctly calculate all the nuances of implementing a business idea, you need to learn how to manage risks.

To learn programming languages ​​you need a computer and specialized software.  To study radio engineering you need a soldering iron, oscilloscopes and other devices.  And what equipment is needed if you are engaged in biomedical engineering?  Let's figure it out.

Cyber ​​threats are not a problem anymore.  Here's how to protect information and prevent cyber attacks.

 How is remote access to data being resolved in KNURE?  Can information not only be stored, but also processed on the server?

 Today we will tell you about thin and thick clients.

If you are a future IT specialist, then, for aure, you are dreaming of working with IT companies as soon as possible.  In KNURE such opportunity is available for you from the first year.  Want to know which companies you can meet at the university, which IT companies cooperate with KNURE and what, in fact, is this cooperation? 

Despite the fact that the hostel is the budget option for students in Kharkiv, many often have the desire to rent a small apartment so that they no longer have to share the shower and kitchen with someone, face with the problem of lack of hot water or long waiting lines.  Let's see what prices are currently on the rental market, and which areas are best to choose.

What type of Internet connection should a foreign student who has just arrived in Ukraine choose to contact his parents via a messenger, use social networks, watch movies?