Building a career in IT is a dream of many students.  Many jobs require knowledge of programming languages.  Learning everything is a bad idea, because it is better to choose one direction and develop in it. 


- Frontend

If you want to make a stylish, dynamic "shell" for web applications, then you should think about a career as a front-end developer.

Requires knowledge of HTML / CSS and JavaScript.  The first two are not considered programming languages, unlike JavaScript.  This language is developing rapidly, new libraries and frameworks are constantly appearing.




The advantage is that there is access to many good online tutorials, ready-made scripts, free courses.  For example, on CodeAcademy.


 - Backend

Do you think that the main thing is not the appearance, but the “inner world” of the web application?  So, it's worth a try in backend development.

It will require knowledge of SQL and the ability to work with specific DBMSs (Oracle, MSSQLServer, MySQL, etc.) and server software, and then Java, C #, PHP, Ruby and more.

Backend and front-end development are closely interconnected, if you want to become a universal specialist, then with the knowledge of the above subjects you can become a FullStack web developer.


 - Gamedev

 Many students want to learn how to code in order to participate in game development.




The area is interesting, but complex, the languages ​​used are popular C # (for the Unity game engine), Java (for android), C ++.  Do not forget that KNURE has a GameDevLab, where they can teach you new things and help with the implementation of ideas.


 - Artificial Intelligence

 Elon Musk said: "For artificial intelligence, there will be no such thing as death.  It can exist forever. "




A very promising area, given the current development in the field of technology.  Common programming languages ​​are LISP, Prolog, Python, Java.

How to understand what exactly suits you the most?  Try yourself in all directions.

Students of the specialty 122 "Computer Science" study many programming languages, various DBMSs.  Using this knowledge, they work on their own projects, which can become a key factor in employment.

Read more about the educational program and achievements of students and teachers of "Computer Science" on the website of KNURE.

You can also take an interactive test to select a programming language.


 Daria Pryadka