Do you know what Buffet is?  No, not an old buffet in the middle of nowhere. This article is about a new cafe network that may interest you in Kharkov.

With such big amount of mental activity, many calories are burned, so there is nothing supernatural in the appetite that awakens among students.  Due to the number of dining rooms and buffets in KHNURE, it is impossible to remain hungry. 

It is now possible to become a part of a two million amateur radio community and make radio translations is now possible at KNURE.  The University has a creative scientific and technical space for RadioHub NURE students. 

Building a career in IT is a dream of many students.  Many jobs require knowledge of programming languages.  Learning everything is a bad idea, because it is better to choose one direction and develop in it. 

All 3 years of studying on the educational program "Information Technology and Computer Science" my group is assigned to the Department of Systems Engineering. There is at least one more year together ahead, but I want to talk about some disciplines now (even 10 articles are not enough to talk about all subjects in the specialty).

Enrollment to the university is not only about intense studying.  There are numerous interesting events that are regularly held in KNURE, which we will talk about in more detail. 

KNURE is full of places and objects that can be safely called attractions, but which of them are the main ones? 

After entering KHNURE, students will have to decide on a sports section. Let’s talk about some of them. 

Sometimes you have to pass time between classes, wait for your friend, or just work with your laptop. We will tell you about the best places where you can pass your time in KHNURE

Kharkiv is known as a cultural center of Ukraine.  There is a large number of academic theaters and theaters of modern art.  Some of the museum exhibits may interest many people passionate about history, art, and nature.  Let's get acquainted with some of the cultural centers of Kharkiv.

The beginning of living in a new country with a different culture is always associated with adaptation. It is important to have a friendly environment during this period of life, which is ready to help at any given moment. Today we will talk about how KHNURE promotes the adaptation and successful education of students from all over the world.

The phrase "First among the best" has not just become the slogan of our university.  KHNURE takes leading places in various ratings of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.