What type of Internet connection should a foreign student who has just arrived in Ukraine choose to contact his parents via a messenger, use social networks, watch movies?


For a comfortable stay in any country, the Internet plays a big role. A foreign citizen who has arrived in a new country considers a good Internet connection to be a matter of primary importance. Let's see what Internet connectivity options exist in Ukraine.



Ukraine has more than 21 million regular Internet users, and the most popular site is Google, which is not surprising.



The most convenient option is the mobile Internet, which you will be able to use not only within the home, but also anywhere in the city and even outside it. You do not need a passport or any other kind of document to buy a starter pack and register a number in Ukraine - you can easily buy it at any supermarket or in the official stores of the providers.




For the second year in a row, Kyivstar has been the leader in data transfer speed, Vodafone is in second place, and Lifecell is in third. The first two operators assure that they can provide their users with stable 4G, lifecell went higher and provides both 4G and 5G. The tariff plans of mobile operators can be found on their official websites, or in company stores, which are quite numerous in the city, but the average price per month is usually a little more than $ 4. In addition, all mentioned operators have their own mobile apps, where at any time you can measure the tariff and see the available services.



There are a lot of providers for this type of Internet, much more than mobile operators. The fastest provider is Lanet with a maximum speed of 94.83 Mbit / s. In second place was Triolan with an indicator of 58.38 Mbit / s, and in third place was Volya with an indicator of 45.13 Mbit / s.



But this does not mean that it is worth installing Lanet as quickly as possible. In order to do this, it is necessary that your place of residence is connected to this provider. It is useful to ask your neighbors who lived there before you which provider they preferred. If we talk about prices for wired Internet, then it all depends on the provider – usually $ 5 and more.

Although, of course, there is an option to use free Wi-Fi hotspots at the university, but no one can guarantee a good connection speed, so it’s better to pay attention to the mentioned two options.


Alena Goncharenko