Despite the fact that the hostel is the budget option for students in Kharkiv, many often have the desire to rent a small apartment so that they no longer have to share the shower and kitchen with someone, face with the problem of lack of hot water or long waiting lines.  Let's see what prices are currently on the rental market, and which areas are best to choose.




The most popular option in Ukraine for finding housing, both for rent and for purchase, is the OLX website, but it will not protect you from fraud, as it is just a platform for announcements.  An actual range of apartments is also presented at DomRIA and Besplatka.  On all these sites, you can set the price range and select a specific area of ​​interest.  It is better to rent an apartment directly from the owner, so as not to overpay for a realtor's fee for their services.  And, of course, it’s more profitable to rent a n apartment with someone, and not alone.  But what area is the most comfortable and relatively inexpensive?

There are 9 administrative districts in Kharkov: Shevchenkovsky, Kievsky, Slobodskaya, Osnovyansky, Kholodnogorsky, Moscow, Novobavarsky, Industrial, Nemyshlyansky.

When choosing an area for renting an apartment, one of the most important criteria, usually, is the presence of a metro station. However, Kharkiv's public transport is sufficient enough too. Buses, trolleybuses, trams serve about 2 million passengers daily.

The metro, of course, is above the competition. It is the most common and indispensable form of transport, especially beloved by students.

Therefore, we will focus our interest on some areas that are located near the subway. 



The outskirts of the city, therefore, housing prices are appropriate.  A one-room apartment can be rented even for 4000 hryvnias (about 160 dollars), if you want an apartment with a modern renovation, the price starts from 6000 hryvnias (245 dollars).

Within the boundaries of the microdistrict there are two markets where you can buy goods for a week, and in supermarkets, cafes, fast foods you can cheaply and conveniently solve food issues.

Metro stations - "Industrialnaya", "Tractor Plant".  Choose apartments near these stations, or consider another option for residence, since it takes a long time to get to the center by shuttle bus.



A huge area, which includes both the outskirts and the central part of the city.  Closer to the outskirts, a one-room apartment will cost at least 5,500 hryvnias ($ 225), but if closer to the center, then get ready to spend about 10,000 hryvnias ($ 400).  Everything is in order with transport - there are enough metro stations: "Kievskaya", "Pushkinskaya", "Architect Beketov", "Academician Barabashov", "Academician Pavlov", "Student", "Heroes of Labor".  Choose an apartment is closer to them.

Particular attention must be paid to Saltovka.  Saltovka is the largest living area in Kharkov.  A large number of Kharkovites live here.  In this microdistrict therr is the shopping center "Barabashovo", the largest market in Eastern Europe, food markets, supermarkets and shopping centers.  The reservoir and a small forest adorn the microdistrict.




Get ready to give at least 6,000 hryvnias (245 dollars) for a one-room apartment with a "modest" repair in this area.  Supermarkets are enough.  There are three metro stations: "Sports Palace", "Moskovsky Prospekt" and "im.  O.S.  Maselsky".  The center is not close, but you can get to it much faster than from the Industrial District.



It is located close enough to the center, so a one-room apartment will cost from 6,000 hryvnias (245 dollars).  There are two metro stations: Kholodnaya Gora, near which there is a bus station for intercity and suburban routes, and Yuzhny Train Station (the name speaks for itself).  The area has a large market and supermarkets.

If you choose the area, it will be more comfortable to live closer to the Cold Mountain metro station.



It unites the most beautiful microdistricts of Kharkov - "Center", "Pavlovo Field", "Shatilovka".  There is everything for a comfortable life: from shops to supermarkets, from cafes to restaurants, from fast foods to pizzerias.  Boutiques, shopping centers, fitness clubs and pools.  Parks, museums, exhibition halls, theaters for a pleasant and interesting pastime.

It is in the Shevchenkovsky district that KNURE is located.

You can find cheap options for 6,000 hryvnia ($ 245).  This area is perhaps the most comfortable for living in the city of Kharkov.  Six metro stations: "Alekseevskaya", "Pobeda", "August 23", "Botanical Garden", "August 23", "Scientific", "Maidan of the Constitution".



In Kharkov there are 4 more districts in which, despite the lack of metro stations, housing prices are not much lower.

A rented apartment has a huge number of advantages, so if your budget allows it, then look for good neighbors neighbor and choose the most suitable option.


 Alena Goncharenko