Does reality begin to seem mundane for you?  Discover virtual worlds or, better yet, learn how to create your own.  Read where and why you should learn VR. 


VIRTUAL REALITY allows you to "deceive" the senses and immerse a person in a completely different world.  As, for example, in the game from NURE GameDevLab, which we wrote about earlier.

Helmets of virtual reality have already become a familiar piece of technology for seekers of new sensations, and the variety of virtual worlds can satisfy any requests.  However, the use of VR is not limited to the gaming industry.




No way to travel?  VIRTUAL TOURISM comes to the rescue.  Viewing panoramas of famous sights is unlikely to make you feel the atmosphere of this place, but VR videos can accomplish this.  For example, the website (and the application of the same name) TravelWorld VR has a large collection of videos from around the world: breathtaking landscapes, luxurious hotels, popular museums and more.  Right now such means of travelling are especially relevant.

MEDICINE is another area in which virtual reality is actively used.  Medical students can conduct virtual operations without risk, communicate with virtual patients, and practice first aid.



Using virtual reality for patients can restore broken neural connections, relieve them of phantom pains, muffle the real ones, and overcome phobias.

In addition, VR is used in ASTRONAUTICS, PRODUCTION OF CARS, ARCHITECTURE, MILITARY INDUSTRY and others.  Since the technology has a chance of becoming even more applicable in the near future, it is worth thinking about learning the basics of VR.

KNURE students can now take courses on for free.  The site has a sufficient amount of materials on VR, which were highly appreciated by the participants.



Our students who have chosen the educational program "Computer Science and Technology".

have the opportunity to learn more about virtual and augmented reality.  Ksenia, a 4th year student of KNURE, shared her experience:

"At the course "Technologies for creating virtual and augmented reality" we were taught how to create basic 3D models, markers, animate models and put everything together to create mobile applications.  The course itself is quite interesting and informative, especially those who are interested in graphic design or modeling will especially like it.  It was interesting for me to literally create an application from scratch in 2 hours, which you can then download on your smartphone and use.  As for me, this has been one of the most interesting subjects for the last year."

Use the opportunities that KNURE provides and get the most useful knowledge that will help you master the profession of the future.



 Daria Pryadka